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Shujing Huang is a cross-media artist currently based in London. Starting from the perspective of female experience, she integrates trauma and the identity of being a "victim" to provoke public empathy and awareness through the re-enactment of pain, employing media such as sculpture, video installation, and performance. Her works, which engage with themes of emotion, coexistence, identity, and gender, are characterized by tension and violence. "The moving body" and the fragility of sculpture are key to her visual practice. The temporary stability of the works in space and the challenge to bodily autonomy reveal her interest in questioning the existing order and her attempts to visually redefine the clichéd boundaries between terror and danger. Aiming to awaken the life force of her works and restore the public's capacity for understanding, she endeavors to respond to the intersection of aesthetics and the communication of trauma through the covert interpersonal relationships and empathy within the space, ultimately seeking to connect with the world.


2021-2022, MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art, University of the Arts london

2020-2021,Graduate Diploma Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art, University of the Arts london

2017-2018,Bachelors in oil painting,Washburn University

2015-2019,Bachelors Degree in Arts Education,Zhejiang International Studies University ( ZISU )



Coming soon..Commune Contemporary Art Gallery, Vienna, Austria, 2024

UNITY, NEC, Birmingham, UK, 2024,

HOTPOT, Galerie KUB, Leipzig, Germany, 2023

We Are The Witches, The House of Smalls, Cambrook Court, Chipping Campden, UK,2023,

Lie Down, Surrey Quay, London,UK,2022

 Embodied, Slash Arts Gallery , London,UK,2022

Handle With Care, Chelsea College of Arts, London,UK,2022

Duty-Free Art School,Marquee, Chelsea College of Arts, London,UK,2022

Degree Show, Chelsea College of Arts, London,UK, 2022

Masculinity, Gallery 46,London,UK,2022

Through No One’s Eyes But My Own, Chelsea Marquee, London, UK,2022

The Joys And Sorrows Of Humans Aren't Interlinked, M P Birla Millennium Art Gallery, London, UK, 2022

Le Patriarcat Passe à la Casserole,  I'Atelier Marthe, Paris, France, 2022

Numbers Don't Speak for Themselves, Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK, 2022

Back To Life, St.Saviour’s Church, St George’s Square, London, UK, 2022

Works In Progess, Cookhouse, Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK, 2022

And All I loved I loved Alone, Chelsea College of Arts, London,UK,2021

Z-era Art Planet, NOYA SPACE, Shanghai, China,2021

Open Studios, Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK, 2021

I'm Ready to Dance Again, Safehouse Peckham, London, UK,2021

Implement the tree of thought Drink the source of life, ZISU, Hangzhou,China, 2021

Red Roof,Washburn Art Department Exhibition,Topeka, Kansas, U.S.A,2019

Santa’s Imagination,Washburn Art Department Exhibition, Topeka, Kansas, U.S.A,2019

Art and Existence,Alice’s Wandering Syndrome, Hangzhou Public library, China, 2019

49th Annual Smoky Hill Art Exhibition, Hays Arts Council, Kansas, U.S.A, 2018

Art Walk, Devil’s Tear,Topeka, Kansas, the U.S.A,2018

Tree, Charity Auction, Hangzhou,China, 2018

Devil’s Tear, Mulvane Art Museum,Topeka, Kansas, the U.S.A,2018


Scene Not Be Seen,BluBlu LLC,New York, the U.S.A,2024
Room Plan, 1310 Space, Hangzhou, China, 2024
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