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I am an artist currently based in London. Video is the medium I use most at the moment and I am constantly experimenting around the body and music. Most of my work revolves around society, emotions and identity, and feminism is always present in this because I believe that existence itself is always alive. I was born from a traditional art background and used to work mainly with Chinese painting. One of the characteristics of Gongbi Chinese painting is that it is planed in every step, depicting beauty in a brushwork and calm atmosphere, with the power given by time, like meditation. That’s why I also try other mediums to feel the more explosive creative process, such as installation, and performance.I especially enjoy the unpredictable changes that occur in the process of making performance art. It's also an opportunity for me to use the medium with a growing desire to find my body's feelings and connection to nature, and to be able to eventually combine the differences in mediums to find my own artistic expression.


As an artist, I am the king in my art world, and in order to be able to express my emotions freely and safely in this space I have built castles. In order to leave my own voice behind. I connect with the outside world in various ways, experimenting with the physical reactions between media and the chemical reactions of human emotions. We inevitably live together, and our personal space intersects and collides with the space of others and nature at every moment. I believe that art can play a role in the individual's ability to live more artistically, organically, and consciously, to influence and even change, rather than moving around in a city that seems to have nothing to do with them. I can't construct a huge world to share with everyone, but I can generate energy. To put abstraction into practice, to virtualize reality, to express beauty. I also dare to question public life and challenge the absolute realm to express ugliness. Responding to the world with a soft heart is always my comfort to myself.


2021-2022, MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art, University of the Arts london

2020-2021,Graduate Diploma Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art, University of the Arts london(distinction)

2017-2018,Bachelors in oil painting,Washburn University

2015-2019,Bachelors Degree in Arts Education,Zhejiang International Studies University ( ZISU )


The Joys And Sorrows Of Humans Aren't Interlinked, M P Birla Millennium Art Gallery The Bhavan, London, 2022

Le Patriarcat Passe à la Casserole,  I'Atelier Marthe, Paris, 2022

Numbers Don't Speak for Themselves, Chelsea College of Arts, London,2022

Back To Life, St.Saviour’s Church, St George’s Square, London,2022

Works In Progess, Cookhouse, Chelsea College of Arts, London, 2022

And All I loved I loved Alone, Chelsea College of Arts, London,2021

Z-era Art Planet, NOYA SPACE, Shanghai, 2021

Graduate Diploma Open Studios, Chelsea College of Arts, London,2021

I'm Ready to Dance Again, Safehouse Peckham, London,2021

Implement the tree of thought Drink the source of life, ZISU, Hangzhou,2021

Washburn Art Department Exhibition,Painting: Red Roof, Topeka, Kansas, U.S.A,2019

Washburn Art Department Exhibition,Painting: Santa’s Imagination, Topeka, Kansas, U.S.A,2019

Art and Existence,Painting: Alice’s Wandering Syndrome, Hangzhou Public library,  2019

49th Annual Smoky Hill Art Exhibition, Painting: Santa’s Imagination, Hays Arts Council, Kansa, U.S.A, 2018

Art Walk,Painting: Devil’s Tear,Topeka, Kansas, the U.S.A,2018

Charity Auction, Painting: Tree,Hangzhou,2018

Painting: Devil’s Tear, Mulvane Art Museum,Topeka, Kansas, the U.S.A,2018